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Battle Blog: Standing On Our Own Record

We’ve had some busy weeks on the campaign trail and I’m glad people are following our progress.

When we go around and stop at places, people are coming up and saying, “Golly, man, you are really moving around.” When we’ve been in Eva or Dothan or Montgomery, they tell me they’ve been reading about where we’ve been.

We’ve already done one circle around the state and we’re halfway through making another one. By the time the campaign ends, we’ll make four trips around Alabama. It’s been real gratifying, the number of people who want to come out and meet us and hear our vision for the future of Alabama.

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Battle Blog: Veterans Week, Church, and South Alabama

It’s Monday night and I’m finally settling into my hotel room in Dothan after a fundraising event. What a whirlwind the last few days have been.

We celebrated Veterans Week in Huntsville, and that included a ceremony to induct new members into the Hall of Heroes – including Col. Mike Rose, who was presented a Medal of Honor last month some 47 years after his heroics on a mission in Vietnam.

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Battle Blog: Standing for Our Veterans

This isn’t about a debate over NFL players and their protest or how they go about it. This isn’t a political football or football wrapped in politics.

This is about honor and respect, pure and simple, for the men and women who have served in our nation’s military. Our flag stands for freedom, equality, a great country, and those who serve it.

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Battle Blog: On the road to Jacksonville, Alabama

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to visit Jacksonville State, and I forgot what a beautiful campus it was. Of course, it’d been even more beautiful if there wasn’t a raining-cats-and-dogs deluge and 48-degree temperature when we arrived for Saturday’s homecoming game

It literally rained on their parade, and it was canceled. I felt bad for everybody who worked so hard to organize it, but I don’t think anybody was crazy about walking three miles in the cold and rain.

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Battle Blog: Standing up for Alabama

Some of you may have noticed that I made some waves last week in disagreement with a very passionate response to a columnist’s work.

The editorial writer basically wrote that Alabama should not be competing for Amazon HQ. I’m not going to be defensive about every media criticism we receive in this campaign. I recognize I have placed myself in a public position where I will be the target of critics in the public and the media. That’s a conscious choice I’ve made and all of us in this business must be thick-skinned.  But I wasn’t lashing back to defend myself.

I was standing up for Alabama.

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The Gadsden Times: Battle stresses administrative strengths in GOP race

RAINBOW CITY — Tommy Battle’s message is clear to voters who are pleased with the status quo in Montgomery.

“If people want someone who will do the same thing that’s been done for the last 30 years at the state Capitol, I’m probably not their candidate,” said Battle, mayor of Huntsville, who is seeking the 2018 Republican gubernatorial nomination.

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Battle Blog: Show your colors, Alabama.

Before I talk about our campaign for governor, I want to remind you about the “Alabama Show Your Colors” campaign.

Veterans Day – which always expands into something of a Veterans Week in Huntsville – is coming up November 11. We’re encouraging everybody across the state to put their American flags out. Put them on your home and your businesses, where we can have a visible presence to honor those veterans and thank them for their service.

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The Cullman Times: Battle promotes message of leadership in campaign for governor

Alabama’s massive election year is still months away, but Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle is already touring the state in preparation for a run at the governor’s seat.

With a resume of success as the leader of Alabama’s healthiest economy — Huntsville — Battle sees an opportunity for the state to make a positive turn and leave behind the scandals and embarrassments of recent years. And it’s not just the fall of politicians that is troubling, it’s the failure of leadership. That’s where he finds motivation to become governor.

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Tommy Battle Raises more than $1,105,000 for Gubernatorial Campaign

HUNTSVILLE, AL – Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, a life-long Republican leader, has raised more than $1,105,000 as he continues his campaign to become the next Governor of the State of Alabama.

“I’m very proud of this accomplishment so early on in our campaign. It really shows you that Alabamians want a change in Montgomery,” said Battle. “I’m proud that we’ve had more than 484 contributions come in. That’s a lot of support that helped us reach above that million dollar mark.”

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Battle Blog: Running a clean campaign, visits from POTUS, VPOTUS, and more.

What an interesting week we had in Huntsville.

In the span of four days, we had both the President and Vice President come to town.

President Trump came to town for a political rally, to support Sen. Luther Strange in the Republican senatorial run-off. Vice President Pence was here for business and a little bit of politics. So it was fascinating to be part of both of those visits.

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